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Workshops and Classes

Barbara offers several different workshops, each with its own focus. Students frequently take the classes and workshops more than once, enjoying the creativity and camaraderie commonly found in Barbara's classes. Below are descriptions of the types of classes or workshops that Barbara offers. Please click here to check Barbara's upcoming workshops and classes to learn what she is currently teaching.

Pointed Pen Possibilities

I’m excited to announce that Copperplate Essentials and Contemporary Variations, online classes in my Pointed Pen Possibilities series, are now available! Learn more at

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Power Pages | Design Techniques
This is a layout and design technique course that presents gentle ways to use those wonderful lettering skills & create page design and artful compositions without fear. It’s a fun and exciting approach to “filling the page” without just a page of practice alphabets, using the white-space as an element also. We’ll work from small—medium—large scale projects. Confidence will build as created pages are made. You will amaze yourself and others of your accomplishments.

Pointed Pen Possibilities/Variations
We will start with a basic knowledge and review of the Copperplate Script. This is important to understand the basics and grasp the underlying form, then we will move forward and discover the “what-if’s”…what if we used a watercolor background; what if we collaged elements along with our lettering…etc. We will discuss enhancement & layout techniques - even the small pieces can make the pages come more alive and visually rich and more entertaining.

Gestures in Graphite
The pencil is a magic tool! No fussing with inks or even paints. We will be exploring many lettering
styles as well as enhancing the page. This is a tool we all probably have in our toolkit but have forgotten how versatile it really is. The simplicity can be so elegant. And…it travels well!

Copperplate Garden
With a basic knowledge of the Copperplate Script, we will enhance our pages with the addition of pen-drawn florals as well as painted ones. The garden will begin to grow and flourish.

Rebel Romans
Understanding Roman proportions will give us a basis on which to build. Some people are a bit intimidated by these guys, but we’ll have fun with them using press-release techniques and more Versal-like characters.

Italic Refinement
Review of the beautiful Italic hand is always a favorite and something that never gets tiring. We’ll take a look at straight ascenders, flowing Chancery; talk about pen angles and slant…all of which make up this lovely hand. Then we will kick it up a notch and try some stretching, tightening & more flourishing.

Textured Letters
Learning about the Versal letters is our jumping point here. We will create these full-bodied letters to enhance & embellish. This has been a popular workshop across the nation. It’s been a pleasure to teach this course. Each student is so uniquely talented. The art of sharing is really evident and so encouraging.

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