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Barbara Close receives kudos from Cyberscribes Members:

I’ve been taking classes with Barb since September, 2004 — She is great! Anyone who takes her class in Columbus will enjoy it.
—Mary Dee Tebbetts (OCSFC)

You cannot take two better classes than these two [Michael Kecseg and Barbara Close]! I highly recommend them, as I took classes with both of these wonderful teachers at Legacies. They are amazing!
—Julie Gray, Asheville, NC

As a fellow watercolorist/collage artist, I will add my endorsement to Barbara Close’s workshop. I have not had the opportunity to study with Barbara but am a great admirer of her work. I have spoken with many students who have taken her class and they all were bubbling  over with enthusiasm…I will be signing up for her workshop when she comes to Michigan in January!
Jacqueline Sullivan, Michigan