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Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Barbara’s Schedule 2018– 2019

Feb 7-Mar 28: My Studio Classes begin, Santa Ana, CA — Session I: Foundational Explorations
Feb 16-19: Letters CA Style Conference, Pomona, CA — Pointed Pen with an Attitude
Mar 10-11: San Diego Workshop, San Diego, CA — Gestures in Graphite
Apr 28-29: Workshop, Eugene, OR — Possibilities with the Pointed Pen
May 5-6: Workshop, Salem, OR — TBA 
July 14-21: Seattletters 2018, Bellingham, WA — Expressive Pointed Pen & Think it, Paint it, Write it
Aug 5-11: IAMPETH Conference, Milwaukee, WI — Expression with Italics
Nov 3-4: NY Society of Scribes, New York, NY — Classes TBA

Nov 24-Dec 2: Melbourne, Australia — Class titles TBA

March 2-3: Tulsa, OK, Workshop — Design Workshop (Dates TBA)

Oct 5-6: Pacific Scribes, San Jose, CA — Gestures in Graphite